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The Athropolis web site uses JavaScript, which allows programs (for games, pop-up boxes, etc.) to run inside your browser. If you don't have a JavaScript capable browser, you will not be able to play the games or see the pop-up boxes featured in the story and glossary.

To download a browser, just click on the "Netscape" or "Explorer" icons on the left side of the table below or use our "Browser" section.

If you are already using one of the recommended browsers, be sure JavaScript is turned on (enabled). Here's how to do it:

Browser Version System Directions
3 All Go to Options: Network Preferences: Languages: Enable JavaScript
4 All Go to Edit: Preferences: Advanced: Enable JavaScript

Windows Go to View: Options: Security: Enable Java Programs

Mac OS Go to Edit: Preferences: Web Browser: Web Content: Enable Scripting

JavaScript Links

A page designed to let you try out some JavaScript "events" to see if they work for you. Examples of: onClick, onBlur, onChange, onSubmit, onMouseOver events.