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The Warmest Fur Coat

The female Arctic fox has a litter of 6-12 pups in the spring, and the family stays together through the summer. The male fox is a good father and provider. He brings food and guards the den.

In the winter, the brownish grey coat of the Arctic fox changes to a thick, warm white coat, allowing it to venture out on long hunting trips and not be seen by its prey. Its foot pads are also densely furred to help it travel on the snow and ice. This makes it a well adapted predator, and that's the "upside" of that luxurious fur coat.

Arctic fox fur is the warmest fur of any mammal, even warmer than the polar bear and Arctic wolf. This makes it very valuable to hunters and trappers. That's the "downside" for the fox - something that helps it survive then becomes something that threatens its survival.

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