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Fresh Flash Frozen!

An international scientific team was able to examine the remains of an adult Great Woolly Mammoth, which had been preserved for 23,000 years in the frozen wastes of Siberia. Click for more information.

The remains - encased in a huge block of ice and soil with two huge, curled tusks jutting out - were taken by helicopter to Khatanga, inside the Arctic Circle. Once there, the examination continued in a dry, cold cave where the temperature is maintained at a constant -12C / 10F.

The mammoth is about 3 metres / 9 ft tall, male, and probably died at about 47 years of age.

Some scientists hope it might be possible to bring the great beasts back to life using modern cloning techniques - they would insert mammoth DNA into the empty egg cell of an elephant. (Is there a movie here somewhere?)

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