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Jason tries to remember everything he has ever been
told or taught, for there is no one to help him now.
The chorus of a favorite song dances through his head...
Lyrics and Music by L.W.Collingwood. Copyright © 1995 Athropolis Productions Limited.

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I was waiting all night long
For the dawn to break...
It won't be long 'till the morning light
Takes the peace of this night away.

I remember when he gave me sound advice.
I hear his voice on this quiet night...
He said "I'll give you words
But I'll never give you my sympathy."


He said "Remember love.
Frugal hands will always have enough.
Be not afraid to walk ahead of this world.
I'm leaving you these words behind...
I walk away with nothing on my mind.
Where you go is no concern of mine."
Time by time. Turn by turn.
Rhyme by rhyme and word by word...
What he had he gave, and what he gave we heard,
And only words remain.

They were words to guide me. I remember
We were younger then. He was old and grey,
And when the cold wind blows...
The sailor goes to the sea again.

(Repeat Chorus)

The End

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