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Click for the BIG PICTURE! The children are lost...
alone on a stormy night
with nothing for company
but the icebergs and the wind.

Chasing the Clouds Away
Lyrics and Music by L.W.Collingwood. Copyright © 1995 Athropolis Productions Limited.

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We've often heard the stories of courage -
Of men who held on when the hope was all gone.
Remember the lives of the soldiers and sailors
And men lost in stormy weather.
Villagers lighting the fires at night
And mariners washed away.
Oh...only the clouds remain.

We live in this world...tossing and turning
In time to the reasons we don't understand.
Remember the stories...remember the warnings...
We're all in this world together.
When everything right turns to everything wrong
Only the friends remain.
Oh...we're chasing the clouds away.


Oh...chasing the clouds away.
Take the wind. Take the worry. Take the pain.
Clouds fly across the sky
And sailors come home again.
We're chasing the clouds away.
And it's all right now...
A sailor is never afraid,
And a sailor's son like me won't be run
To rock by wind or wave.
Blow softly on a stranger...
Go softly in the night.
Oh...we're chasing the clouds away.

(Repeat Chorus)

The End

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