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The Biggest Bunny

The biggest bunny in North America is the Arctic hare.

In the northernmost parts of its range, it is always white (except for black tips on its ears), but at lower latitudes, some are grayish brown in the summer.

Their color makes them hard to see. They can sit perfectly still and become almost invisible to their enemies, which is a good thing because they have lots of them: Snowy owls, wolves, foxes, gyrfalcons, polar bears and even people goin' wabbit huntin'.

But if they're seen, they can move fast. Their long claws give them good traction on packed snow, and they can hop on their hind legs like kangaroos - at up to 30 miles / 50 km per hour! The hares can move so quickly and change direction so fast that wolves and foxes have a hard time keeping up with them.

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