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The Canadian Rangers unique combination of traditional Inuit knowledge and modern military technique has established them as Canada’s best-kept secret in patrolling and protecting the Far North.

They’ve been doing it for 60 years but few Canadians know about their indispensable role in asserting sovereignty in isolated but strategically important areas of the North.

Formed during the Second World War as the Pacific Coast Militia Rangers, they were renamed the Canadian Rangers in 1947 and their duties were expanded to include the more isolated areas in the Canadian North.

Today, the Rangers are a source of pride for Canada's northern communities. Some towns, like Resolute Bay, are home to three generations of Canadian Rangers.

The role of the Rangers is likely to become even more important in future years. Climate change in the Arctic will present new problems for security as new passageways open up through thawed ice. Surveillance in the North will be increased, and that will mean a higher profile for the Canadian Rangers.

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