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From our library of things you should know about the Arctic

Cold and Dark

The Arctic stays dark and fiercely cold for months on end. On September 25th, the trailing edge of the sun slipped below the horizon at the North Pole and won't appear again until March 18th. In the High Arctic, the days are getting very short and the sun will disappear altogether in a couple of weeks (Guide to Arctic Sunrise & Sunset). With the reduced hours of sunlight, it's getting cold!

Click the names to check out today's weather in some Arctic locations:

Alert: The northernmost permanent settlement in the world and home to a Canadian Forces weather station.

Grise Fiord: Located above 75 north latitude, this Nunavut village of about 160 people is Canada's northernmost community.

Thule: This Greenland location is home to the U.S. Armed Forces' northernmost base, including a Ballistic Missile Early Warning Site.

Khatanga: A storage cave in this Russian city stores woolly mammoth remains found in the ice of the Siberian Taymyr Penninsula.

Longyearbyen: Because the Svalbard islands are so close to the North Pole, this has been a popular base for Arctic exploration.

Hammerfest: The northernmost city in Europe - and it's had official town status since 1789!

For a map of other locations and current weather reports, just click HERE.

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